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Here is an outdated list of our grants:


Peter Blomgren

  • Agency: NSF-DMS. 08/05-07/09
    Amount: $225,000
    CoPI: Antonio Palacios.
    Title: A Dynamical Systems Approach to Study Cellular Flame Instability.

  • Agency: DOD/ONR - DURIP. 03/03
    Amount: approx. $500,000/Equipment
    Title: Radio Propagation Measurement System, and Computer Cluster.
    People: George Papanicolau, A. Paulraj, Peter Blomgren, Arnold Kim, etc.

  • Agency: ONR. 11/01-11/03
    Amount: Summer Salary
    Title: Imaging, time reversal and communications in a random medium
    People: A consortium of researchers, based out of three centers:
    [Stanford center] G. Papanicolau, J. Berryman (LLNL), P. Blomgren (postdoc), L. Borcea (Rice U), C. Tsogka (LMA Marseille)
    [UCI center] K. Solna, H.i Zhao, O. Dorn
    [NC State center] J.-P. Fouque, G. Gal (Columbia), L. Ryzhik (U Chicagor), J. Garnier.

Ricardo Carretero

  • Agency: NSF-DMS. 08/08-08/11
    Amount: $300,000
    CoPI: Panayotis Kevrekidis (UMass).
    Title: Two-Component Bose-Einstein Condensates: Existence, Stability, Dynamics and Interactions.

  • Agency: NSF-DMS. 07/05-06/07
    Amount: $91,861
    CoPI: Panayotis Kevrekidis (UMass).
    Title: Topological excitations in Bose-Einstein condensates: Existence, stability, dynamics and iteractions.

  • Agency: SDSU/RSCA. 01/03-07/04
    Amount: $5,000 - Equipment/Travel
    Title: Intrinsic localized vibrations in chains of light/matter solitons
  • Agency: SDSU/Grant-in-Aid. 01/03-07/04
    Amount: $7,818 - Graduate student
    Title: Intrinsic localized vibrations in chains of light/matter solitons

Joe Mahaffy

  • Agency: NSF-Biocomplexity 10/04-10/08
    Total Amount: $1,500,000.
    PIs: Rohwer, Mahaffy, Salamon
    Title: Solar saltern extremophage: Genomics and population modeling

  • Agency: NSF. 10/02-09/06
    Total Amount: $1,928,141.
    PIs: John Paul (Univ. of Southern Florida) and Anca Segall (SDSU-Biology)
    Title: Marine viromics: The interaction of viral genomes with the marine environment

  • Agency: SDSU/RSCA. 2/01-7/01
    Amount: $1,815
    Title: Mathematical models in biology

  • Agency: NSF. 7/96-7/00
    Amount: $105,000
    Title: Mathematical modeling of hematopoiesis and cell cycles in Esherichia coli

Antonio Palacios

  • Agency: NSF-CMMI. 8/06-8/10
    Amount: $239,875
    Title: Dynamical Systems Paradigm to Design and Operate Intelligent Magnetic Sensor Networks

  • Agency: DoD SPAWAR Command. 7/09-6/11
    Amount: $200,000
    Title: SQUIF Magnetometers

  • Agency: DoD SPAWAR Command 1/09-12/09
    Amount: $63,000
    Title: Coupled Gyroscope Systems

  • Agency: NSF-CMMI. 8/06-8/08
    Amount: $247,620
    Title: Intelligent Magnetic Sensor Networks for Surveillance and Detection of Improvised Explosive Devices

  • Agency: NSF-DMS. 08/05-07/09
    Amount: $225,000
    CoPI: Peter Blomgren.
    Title: A Dynamical Systems Approach to Study Cellular Flame Instability.

  • Agency: DoD - SPAWAR Command 6/08-12/08
    Amount: $49,889
    Title: Theoretical Analysis of Gyroscope Sensors

  • Agency: DOE. 9/00-8/03
    Amount: $323,279
    Title: Reduced order models of heat transfer in fluidized beds

  • Agency: DoD - Office of Naval Research.
    Amount: $25,000
    Title: International Conference on Applications of Nonlinear Dynamics.

  • Agency: The San Diego Foundation.
    Amount: $60,000
    Title: Frequency Switching in Communication Systems for Homeland Security.

  • Agency: SPAWAR/Navy. 5/02-5/03
    Amount: $17,000
    Title: Student contract for multi-frequency project.

  • Agency: SPAWAR/Navy. 5/02-
    Amount: $20,000
    Title: Loan equipment to start a nonlinear dynamics laboratory.

  • Agency: SDSU/RSCA. 11/99-10/00
    Amount: $4,000
    Title: Analysis and visualization of flame patterns.

  • Agency: SDSU/Grant-in-Aid. 12/99-12/01
    Amount: $2,400
    Title: Analysis of networks of coupled neurons

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