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Ph.D. in Computational Sciences with
concentration in Dynamical Systems

Within the Ph.D. in Computational Sciences, the Nonlinear Dynamical Systems group is welcoming candidates to pursue a Ph.D. in areas of Dynamical Systems / Applied Mathematics that are compatible with the group's interests. For a sample of the group's current research interests click here. Candidates interested in pursuing the Ph.D. program should contact: Ricardo Carretero or Antonio Palacios.

For more information on the Ph.D. program (application procedures, funding, ...) visit the Computational Science Research Center's Ph.D. webpage.


unstable, stable, aggregation, metastability, moving mesh, blowup, blow up, blow-up, adaptivity, pattern, patterns, lattices

Maintained by Ricardo Carretero
Ricardo Carretero Gonzalez Antonio Palacios Peter Blomgren Joe Mahaffy Diana Verzi Chris Curtis San Diego San Diego State University SDSU California West coast MS master masters PhD doctorate doctoral graduate undergraduate concentration emphasis applied mathematics chaos chaotic fractal fractals dynamics dynamical systems nonlinear nonlinear dynamical systems nonlinear dynamics NLDS model modeling modelling publication publications research preprints analysis adaptivity aggregation bifurcation bifurcations bioloby blowup blow up blow-up bose bose-einstein breather breathers CML CMLs condensates coupled map lattices delay differential determinism deterministic differential einstein embedding equation equations fluidization fluidized GPE heteroclinic homoclinic ILM ILMs image restoration intrinsic localized modes lattices manifold map maps math mathematical bioloby metastability moving mesh NLS nonlinear waves numerics numerical ODE ODEs orbit orbits pattern patterns PDE PDEs POD prediction proper orthogonal decomposition reconstruction soliton solitons spatio temporal stable stochastic studies study systems tangle temporal time series unstable